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We have teamed up with Cat from Hippynoodle, for a fundraising project that’s a bit different! When Jamie first had the idea for a Maker Quilt, it was to be made from donations of Maker Shirts, but the project has now evolved, so that even makers who don’t have their own merch can get involved, for as little as £1! (Thanks to Darren at Coopers Workbench for the idea)

Maker Quilt 2.0 will be made up of tiny squares, and all you have to do to support the project is to sponsor a square, for just £1. Each square you sponsor will gain you one entry in the draw to win the finished quilt. There’s is no limit to how many squares you may sponsor, the more you have, the better your chances of winning! It’s that simple. Cat will be using donated fabric, and so all of the money we raise will go directly to our chosen charity.

Since Cat is the one doing all the work in assembling the quilt (and it’s a LOT of work!) we thought it was only right to have her choose the charity. With her love of dogs, and 20+ years working in the optics industry, (plus let’s face it, a bit of a crush on Bamber) it was no surprise that she chose The Guide Dogs for the Blind. It is her hope that this project will raise enough to sponsor a puppy through its two years of training, and give life changing support to the blind and partially sighted. So please, give whatever you can afford, and make all Cats hard work count!

If you would like to donate without entry tickets you can click here.

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